Garden Tour

 South Side - Summer 2012

South Side - Spring 2013

 South Side 2013 // Progress

South Entrance // Looking West Summer 2013

East Side - Summer 2012

Perennial Garden // Before

North Side - June 2012 // Before

North Side - August 2013 // Progress

 2012 ---> 2014

 September 2013 // Progress




GoodGreenGuru said...

WOW - great progress!

Erin Elizabeth said...

I love this! You are so talented! I really like how the morning glories are climbing the fence. They will take over like mine did!! They drop tons of seed every fall so every winter I remove the vine from the fence. Now, in the summer it has created a solid green and purple wall on the fence. (since it is so incredibly dense now!) Did you make the planter yourself or did you order it? I really like it!

Sarah Jones said...

Thank you! I'm eager to see what this spring brings :)

Sarah Jones said...

Thanks, Erin! Originally I wanted to make our planter, but time just got away from us and we figured it would be roughly the same amount of money to purchase one. Mine came from Gardener's Supply. I might order more... !!! :)

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