Here Goes Nothin' ...

Because it just doesn't seem right to begin a Garden Blog with a Wordless Wednesday post...

My efforts this summer... clearing this 70' long bed of a whole year's worth of weeds and planting it with some starter perennials. I mulched the heck out of the bed with Gold Cedar Mulch to keep the weeds out. I know now most good plantsmen and plantswomen frown on this. Oh well! The photographs above are some of my favorites. Everything looks pretty and fresh - not to mention alive. These were shot on July 30th when my parents came for a visit.

September 26th - almost a full 2 months later.

And now! Oh my goodness. 12" inches of the  fluffy stuff covering everything. We had a huge storm last Saturday/Sunday and we're slated to receive some more in a few days.

I have to admit, Midwest winters are a depressing time for me. I'm so much a spring and summer girl. Running around barefoot, drinking spritzers and digging in the soil - that's the life! It's hard to think that we'll have over 3 months of this white stuff and below 20 degree temperatures. I guess this winter I'll focus lots on planning for Spring 2013 and keeping my bird babies happy with lots of nutritious seeds (you'll find I'm just obsessed with our bird population) ... the Cardinals are so cute when they flit around in this powder, and the squirrels - thank goodness they're offended by the snow...

Thanks for reading my first real post and feel free to drop me a note!


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