Water Garden

A variety of Water Lilies at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory

It's very easy to understand why Monet spent a significant portion of his career painting a Water Lilies Series.

Water Lilies - 1899

Water Lilies - 1919
Water Lilies - 1908
*Images of Claude Monet - Water Lilies from wikipaintings.org




  1. I once gasped so loudly when I saw a pond full of native water lilies behind a grocery store, my husband nearly wrecked the car. Such awesome plants! How wonderful it would be to be a frog in that pond! :o)

    1. LOL. I make my partner stop whenever we have an interesting
      "plant sighting" The last thing we spotted and ID was Tamarix ramosissima "Summer Glow" ... I have to have now. Maybe this spring I will add it to the garden.

  2. So gorgeous! Thanks! Makes me wish I had a pond.

    1. Oh, how we do as well. One of my grand plans for this year is to make a small stock tank water garden. Just tiny... about 2' x 3' to see how well we can manage it. A few plants and may a Shubunkin. I'm totally in awe of Pam Penik's gardens. She's our inspiration - http://www.penick.net/digging/





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