Floral Motifs

I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately and it put me in the mood for another Garden Gifts product post. Since floral motifs are all the rage this spring, (aren't they every spring?) I thought I'd share what Lucky Magazine readers saw in the latest issue. 

Pages chocked full of floral frocks...

And floral feet...

and beauty products "inspired by" flowers. 

Now, any gardener knows $300 skirts and stilettos aren't exactly practical for garden chores. But perhaps for those days when you want to wear your garden on your sleeve? Maybe for those lovely summer nights when you're enjoying spiked Strawberry and (Meyer Lemon) Lemonade under the pergola? 

Hey... a gardening-girl can dream! I sure am jumping on the Floral frock bandwagon. I've already purchased a floral blouse and some floral tapestry oxfords...

What do you think about this spring trend? Yea or nay?


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