Special Delivery - Container Gardening

Mr. Workerman saw the box sitting on the front stoop. "Now what did you order?" 

Planters, baby. Gigantic planters. 

eBay is the best! I bought these 18" guys for less than $40 (including shipping).

They are molded resin/plastic and built to withstand cold temperatures, resist fading, chipping and cracking. Great for us Northerners. All I need to do is clean them up, pop a few more holes in the bottom for drainage and wait for the snow to melt. 

Now, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find high quality, terracotta colored, resin/plastic planters that look like real clay... but aren't the price of a small house! I feel like they never go on sale (in the big box stores and the IGCs) and to purchase them online is ridiculous unless you are a millionaire. 

I've only been lucky twice. Once at the end of last summer (Mendards clearance sale) and then last week with my eBay find...

 Menards terra/resin planter - I think it cost $27. Oh yes! and Nibbler sniffing summer air :)

Do you grow a lot of plants in containers? Are you particular about what the containers look like?! Drop me a note!


  1. I do like your planters - that ali baba shaped one is gorgeous! Great bargains. I've only ever bought from ebay once and didn't get what I wanted so have never used again!
    I've lots of containers - too many really but I grow plants that are not suited to my 'moist' soil in them. It's a real pain in wintertime - covering them will bubble wrap etc. I should have gone down the resin route!

    1. I haven't done enough research about the resin and if it's really healthy for plants to grown in, but it seems the only option for us. We have limited shed space and keeping the bigger containers out over winter is a must. I plan to grow our citrus in a wooden container, but I'm really leaning toward terra resins for the rest.





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