Signs of Spring

One with worse eyes wouldn't be able to see it. Tiny and green; a inkling of spring in my winter sown greenhouses. It's a zinnia. 

 A favorite - Artemisia schmidtiana


 Lily of the Valley. I mowed all of it down last fall after my dogs took to "watering" it. It's coming back and I'll keep some of it; our birthdays are in May :)

 Globemaster Allium

 More Globemaster... I love these.

Surprise Mystery Flower. It looks like crocus to me. Guess we'll find out in a few more days. 

These shots were all taken today when it was 50* degrees out. I was outside in a t-shirt and jeans;  sweeping the front entry, cleaning the planter, shooting some photos and reveling in the gorgeous sun.

It. Felt. Good!


  1. I have globemaster alliums, too. Great plant.

  2. Jason - I'm worried about my alliums... the flower head (?) they put out looks so tiny! Hoping they will be as impressive as I've hoped.





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