It's Getting Warmer

 Today we're skipping the wordless portion of Wednesday and getting straight to the wordy. Plants are finally starting to put on their inches in the Roots & Shoots Garden. It must be this snap of hot weather. The temperatures have finally hit what I'd call - consistently warm. I've made a few new discoveries during my morning garden walks. 


 Aquilegia 'Clementine Red' - planted this spring (from Bluestone Perennials) has a few little blooms. And I mean little. They are about the size of a quarter... all hidden under the foliage. I would have never noticed them if I wasn't poking around to make sure I'd snipped all the leaf miner damage a few days before. *Leaf miners aren't fatal to the plant, though they are an eyesore... annd I'm kinda' anal when it comes to things that look dead and/or diseased. My snipped plant is none the wiser. It hasn't skipped a beat.

And my allium. I promised my Twitter buddies that my "Hairy Allium" wasn't a disease... Here's the proof. One of my favorite plants; I want more.


 Baby radish upheaval in the potager garden. I notice that several of my radishes were basically popping out of the soil. I couldn't help myself. I plucked them, called to Mr. Workerman for the photo op...

washed them, and then ate them for my "outdoor snack." *These types of snacks are, of course, eaten outdoors. On the move. Garden foraging. I then proceeded to throw the tops into our front lawn. I'm sure my neighbor appreciates looking at that. Ahh well... the best part of the radish story is: after I exclaimed to Workerman how delicious they were (offering him a bite) he says "What do radishes taste like?"

Oh me.


  1. your "Hairy Allium" (it feels funny saying that). As the Urban Chick, I don't think I have ever seen one before. Love the look of it. And your radishes look superb! We are not used to the heat down here and discovered after moving and planting radishes that they get SUPER picante. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love a spicy radish! I grew up eating them with a dash of salt. So tasty. I just harvest the last of them today. Thinking to plant more... or resow some more carrots. Allium 'Hair' has become one of my favorites - for sure. I think it would look really neat popping out a super low ground cover. I've got plans... ;)

  2. Radishes are something that is so much better when just picked and a tad on the small side.





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