Our Little Potager

 Over the last year - er, winter - I've been dreaming up a spot for our vegetable and herb garden. Since late winter, Workerman and I knew that little potager right outside our kitchen door was just what the doctor ordered. Close proximity to the kitchen would allow us to quickly run outside and snip, clip or pluck whatever we need for cooking. Oui! Very French!

Months ago I showed you the mockup which included my beautifully amazing Gardener's Supply Co. Raised Cedar Bed. *If you missed it, click here. After some design charrette discussions with Mr. Workerman and multiple visits to Fleet Farm, Patio Town, Menards, Lowe's, Home Depot and Gertens... we designed a simple layout with three main materials: gravel, pavers and edgers. Cost definitely was a factor in the design of this space because we planned to save most of our money for the back patio, pergola, fence and plantings. Ease of completion was also a factor, as Workerman decided to complete the project while I was at work.

Anyway, take a look at the before...

This picture was taken shortly after we moved in last summer. This is the south side of our home. It looks fabulous compared to the most recent before...

 Ew. Our feets and dog feets (not to mention dog pees) killed all this grass over our long winter. You can just barely make out the 54 year old brick path to the back. This photo is from early May.


And now some process photos... 'cause I know y'all would like to see a hunky man working outside...

in his Crocs. :D

And a barefooted me - sweeping dirt. *I was trying to sweep dirt OFF the edgers, but I kept sweeping dirt ONTO the edgers. Workerman banished me to the indoors.

But prepare yourself for the final installation shot...


What do you think!? Like it? Love it? If you hate it, don't bother commenting because I'm sensitive.

Plenty of space for more planters filled with herby goodness. Hopefully the veggies and herbs fill in quickly as we are a month behind.


 Operation Potager Garden was a bigger undertaking than we thought, but we are beyond pleased with the outcome. And though Mr. Workerman completed a lot of the project himself, we had a jolly good time loading gravel and working outside together. <3

Our next project is yet to be determined, but - as always - we are a work in progress here at Roots & Shoots Garden.

What projects do you have planned for the summer?


  1. I think it is adorable and such a smart idea! What a great use for an area that is getting lots of traffic too. I just figured out that "hey, i can just mulch areas that refused to grow anything" recently. so smart to gravel it over for pots/planter. kudos!

    1. Thanks, Amy! We are still loving this area. Bought some plants yesterday to edge the left side. To be continued... ;)

  2. This is beautiful! Such an amazing transformation.

  3. Oh, I just love it. I am from Mn also, Ramsey area, and I think we are more than a little behind this yr. I have put my herbs and also my leaf lettuce in planters to hang from my deck railing and that is much easier too

  4. This is such a wonderful eye appeal and USEFUL space! What did you use to construct the raised bed and would you share the directions?





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