Garden Visitor

I'm totally not a cat person. If you saw me encounter this furry thing (about two hours ago) you'd be able to tell - he scared the dickens out of me. I don't hate cats, they just aren't my pet of choice. I grew up with cats; two to be exact. Apricot and Jade. I believe you can still like cats, but not be a "cat person." My neighbor has cats and we take care of them, pet them, feed them... play with them. Workerman's parents have cats.

But I am a full fledged dog-mama. I will never have a cat.

This cat's name is Leo (I think). He lives down the street. I caught him hiding in my rhubarb, presumably trying to eat the squirrel I saw running across the power line. He's actually quite attractive for an outdoor cat; black coat and mesmerizing eyes. Upon our encounter, he tried to do that thingy... the rubbing up against you thingy; thus marking you forever as "theirs" thingy. I freaked out and tripped over my own feet... he could have lice, or ticks, or a myriad of other strange things outdoor cats get. That was then end of our photo session.

Iiiieee! Coming after me.
I also believe he's the one who keeps leaving "presents" in my garden. @#&$! cats.


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