New Feature - Garden Vignettes

I've been dreaming up new ways to "captivate my audience." But to tell you the truth, it's hard.
 Blogging is hard. All of it is hard work, man! Writing for me (in general) is difficult, and I'm really out of practice. Though I much prefer to tell stories with photographs now, I used to be an OK writer. I got A's on every university thesis plunked out on that old Dell. In fact, my first "real job" included a lot of writing about artwork. Granted, I was always writing (analytically) about something I kinda' sorta' knew about, or maybe it was all a bunch of bullsh... Who knows? But the "feeling" of art is subjective, and I had a lot of feelings back then.

Anyway, I digress.

Here's something (a new feature) that I hope will captivate you - Garden Vignettes. A monthly/semi-monthly exercise in which I'll try to make outdoor things look pretty. Maybe it will be outdoor furniture, or pots, a place setting... or flowers? Maybe dogs. I don't know, but hopefully it will blow your socks off. I'm trying to captivate you, but not have to write anything in the process. 

This is what I'm trying to get at. 

I hope it works. 

Oh, and Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Sarah...I'm looking forward to it with anticipation! Happy Monday to you as well :)

  2. Hey Urb-Chick (I assume) - say hello to the Horti-hick for me. Thanks for being some of my favorite Twitter and garden friends. Hope business is booming!

    1. Ha! Yes, Urban Chick here. Will def. send Hort. Hick greetings. Love connecting with our new garden friends and we thank you who have gone before us for paving the way!

  3. Garden Vignettes - good idea. Looking forward to it. I like the one you've posted here. Writing can be hard, like with many things when you allow yourself to relax I think the juices flow better.





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