Veggie Garden - Out of Control

The heat wave has sent our veggie garden into overdrive. Many of the plants put on inches in just a few short hours. The Mr. says he swears he actually saw the banana pepper growing! We'll be harvesting peppers and poblanos soon; the tomatoes have a few more weeks. The peas, cucumbers, edamame, and summer squash are just starting to flower. I can't wait to make stuffed zucchini blossoms.

Tonight we made a fresh basil and oregano pesto for our 'sketti. It was delicious. I think I need a whole garden dedicated to basil. I love it.


  1. Looking good! What are you going to use the peppers for? Our garden is going crazy too. You reminded me that I purchased pine nuts some time ago in that I meant to make pesto. The basil here is going CRAZY!!!

    1. Mmmm... peppers! I'll probably end up stuffing poblanos. And the sweet bananas we like on pizza and our fancy tuna melts. I also just like to eat them with hummus. Sluuurrp!





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