Ongoing Projects: Shady Side - Part I & II

Welcome to the north side of our home! Overgrown grass, Lily of the Valley, Campanula and volunteer saplings run rampant. There's lots of ugly stuff going on here... hence the "ugh." 

A few weeks ago, I got a bee in my bonnet. Something must be done to tame this area. The long grass and "other" plant material was harboring pesky bugs and bad vibes. I got out the mower... (marked improvement in itself) then started digging, and digging... a task completed all by myself. <--- i'm proud. 

I plopped in two near death hostas that I purchased on clearance for $3 a piece and some of my favorite - Cimicifuga; James Compton in the back (you can hardly see it, but he's by the weeds) and Pink Spike in the front.

Since I've decided to go muchless, I laid down newsprint and compost topping to keep any weeds or LotV from popping up. Above you can see some of the plant additions to fill out the space. Irish Moss to fill in gaps and an Orchid Lights Azalea. *The azalea might have been a placement mistake, but I really wanted one. I've read they still preform well in areas that get some sun; we get early morning sun and later afternoon sun on this side. Meh, c'est la vie. I can always move it... right? *This picture also shows another hours worth of digging - right up to the AC unit.


The rocks are temporary; holding down paper and keeping grass out. I'd like to edge with gorgeous Valders stone (keeping with the other side of the house) some day.

Planting dilemma. What do you do with windows in your foundation!? For now that spot remains empty.

To the right of the window, a bit more color - Astilbe 'Visions,' a hosta from Workerman's mother, a Toad Lily, and my Drinking Gourd hosta which was dug up from a holding bed on the end of this row. 

And the full view.


Since I shot these photographs, I've actually continued digging past the AC unit. I've got some more posting to do, so stay tuned because this is a To Be Continued post!

Hope you had a great weekend, garden friends!


  1. Wahoo!!! Love it all. Your choices are going to be amazing. Go azalea, go!

  2. Doh! I meant to say this too ... What about a garden something there? Water feature? Big old pot w a hydrangea? Some of those cool rock stacks the hipsters are doing? Oohhhh or a big cement head like we pinned on Pinterest? Could put it atop a round piece of plywood and mosaic over the plywood??





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