Staycation Planting - Allium Aisle


I'm still checked-out (mentally) after my vacation. Seriously! I don't know what it is. Both Workerman and I have been so tired lately; draggy-butts. Maybe it's because the days are getting shorter and the weather is cooler. Are we going into hibernation mode already? 
While there's no lack of garden or home projects to do... we just haven't had the energy. I'm FINALLY getting around to blogging about the planting I did last week. 


The "before" isn't all that spectacularly awful - you've seen most of it already (and we've been working on it all season). But, the points of note are the bare patches of compost/newsprint-mulch between my silver mound plants. While the silver mound will grow fairly large, there's still a significant space for plantings in between. Deciding what to plant there took a while (and a lot of brain power). Workerman wanted ornamental grass to create a "screen," but I felt that might get too messy. I was also very hesitant about grass because I purchased many grasses last year... only to have two of them survive! <--- expensive at over $9 a pop. I entertained the thought of day lilies, but Mr. didn't like that idea. I suggested allium (purple-ball thingys, as he calls them) but that got shot down too. He thought they'd be too floppy. So then I waited... and researched... and searched some more. And a decision was made. Allium. "I promise they won't be floppy, honey."

So six Allium 'Summer Beauty' were purchased from Gertens. I think they are an interesting and quirky addition to the edging of our potager garden. They are, after all, ornamental onions!

Workerman was kind enough to dig the holes. The newsprint I had laid down as mulch was easy to cut through. *It's working wonders, by the way.


 After a few adjustments, I plopped them in and shored them up. The addition of some well rotted manure was my last step before watering.

What do you think!? We are anxious to see them blooming en masse next season.  Alliums have quickly won my heart. And they are NOT floppy. Even when the wind blows. :) 

Do you grow any variety of ornamental onions? I need to add to our collection...

Happy weekend, garden friends!


  1. I think it looks great! We have lots of allium plantings out here in CA and, nope, not floppy.

    1. Thanks, Amy. So far, no flop! ;) I want to collect lots of different alliums. I'm starting today with some bulb catalogs...





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