Collected: Allium

I've collected several new allium to plant this fall. Next spring the garden will be bipping and bobbing with them.

1: Allium oreophilum (photo by Stoplamek on flickr)
2: Allium sphaerocephalon (photo from Bluestone Perennials)
3: Allium neapolitanum (photo from
4: Allium Graceful (photo from Bluestone Perennials)
5: Allium Purple Sensation (photo from Bluestone Perennials)
6: Allium azureum (photo from Bluestone Perennials)
7: Allium multibulbosum (photo from


  1. Hey you!!! I really need to make a note of these! You have collected such beautiful examples here friend!!! I currently have no Allium in the garden but have admired them for some time....good luck!!! And happy weekend to you!!!!!





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