Growth Rate



My, how things change in a year! I was feeling a bit depressed about this border earlier in the season, but I'm thrilled with some of the new additions made in spring; they helped me define what I wanted the space to look like. 

It's coming along.


  1. Sarah!!! It is gorgeous! Oh my!!! It is just so lush!!!! You did an outstanding job with the overall design of the bed...I like the forms in the background with your russian sage....what is the large plant above the birdbath???? I can not wait to see more!!! Keep it up have mad skills!!!

    1. Hi Nicole, Thank for your kind (garden-ego boosting) words! LOL. The russian sage is really the backbone of this garden. It is one of my very favorite plants. It drives my neighbor's nose (allergies) nuts... so I'm not going to tell her I planted two more in here today. Shhhh! In the bottom photo - the floating ball of craziness is a tree. You can see a really skinny trunk in the top photo. It's a Nishiki Willow (Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki') or Dappled Willow. Beyond gorgeous in the spring... with white/pinkish leaves. HIGHLY recommend it.

  2. That picture should be in a mawgazine or book. It's gorgeous. The place we bought this summer has not been landscaped in years, so we've got our work cut out for us.





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