Around the Garden: New Pots

1. Risking it and leaving these outside instead of tucked in the cold frame. I'm running out of space in there. The pots were _exactly_ what I was looking for, and we found them at Gertens (2 @ $9.95 each).

2. Picked up this black low stone/plaster cast planter from Mendards; with my rebate it was less than $10. Thinking of tightly planting it with Gladiolus 'Glamini Emily' which I picked up on sale. Check them out here. So good!

My Hetz arborvitae is doing well. We just pulled it from storage and I'm anxious to see if it puts out new growth. I topped dressed it with composted manure.


  1. Great pots lady!!!! Such a pretty grouping! I hope the weather is warming up by you! We are finally seeing things emerge!!! Happy planting!!! Nicole xo





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