Planted: Gladiolus 'Glamini Emily'

1. Smashing pots to make crocks… (I wear safety glasses, don't worry). *AND I didn't know crocks were controversial.

2/3. Gladiolus Emily planted (too) early must make their way into the cold frame. That's a lettuce bowl in the lower right hand corner. Yum!


Minnesota is in for a rainy spell, but hopefully I can get outside tomorrow and finish cleaning the north side of our gardens... supposedly 68 and sunny :)

Lots of work to do...


  1. What?! I refuse to believe that they don't work! THEY DO. :) can't wait to see the beauties bloom! Are you going to leave them in a container or transplant once frost is gone?

    1. I think I'm going to leave them in the container. They are miniatures... never grown them before. Maybe if they start to look wonky I'll take them out. Planning on covering the bare soil with some sphagnum moss - maybe if they don't get too large, they'll be a good centerpiece for our outdoor table.

  2. Funny you might say that.... I just attended a garden speaker event and she had a bit to say on crocks too! So many opinions! I say do what works!!! And how exciting is this!!! Love that lettuce you have rocking there and I can not wait to see your blooms! I hear we are in for a bit of rain next week so I will be working hard to get things done this week while I can!! Happy gardening pal!!!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! Yes, definitely. Get out while you can! I was just thinking that today; being a wuss and telling myself it was kinda' cold out and maybe I should just stay in.
      Thank you for helping knock that thought out of my head. Our spring and summer is too fleeting and I'll be complaining about the snow soon enough.





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