Shot In Sunlight

1. Pom Pom Dahlia - Stolze von Berlin
2. Flower Carpet Rose - Pink & Scarlet (grown in container)
3. Shirley Poppy


  1. I NEED to get some of those flower carpet roses! Their colors are superb as are all of your blooms! Excellent photography as well friend! Wishing you a great week ahead in the garden! Did I mention that the rabbits ate 2 of my Dahlias! Yours are stunning!

  2. Sarah, I saw photos of your garden in Fine Gardening this morning: really lovely! Just thought I'd mention that peonies grow really well in MN; in fact, they thrive in this climate. I used to garden on the east coast where my obsession was heritage roses but most of those are not hardy in MN. So, when I moved here, I started exploring and fell in love with peonies. There are so many new varieties these days, with better posture than the older ones although many of the older varieties are unsurpassed for beauty. Thanks for sharing your garden and your photography. Best wishes.





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