Last Minute Gift Ideas for Gardeners

That time of year is upon us, and there's just six more days left to find that perfect gift for your favorite Gardener. If you're stumped... let me help you!

Now, these aren't just my gift ideas for the Holiday season, but picks that would translate well for any other gift-giving occasion. Birthday, Valentine's Day... Happy Spring Day. Whatever.

They're relatively affordable and relatively available.

G&F Superior Leather Rose Gloves from The Home Depot an OXO Garden Knife (Hori-Hori style!) from Sears. Each of these is under $50 and that's pretty awesome. I have this OXO knife and I use it every day I work in the garden - it's an invaluable tool. I don't have rose gloves yet, but I'm sure once my David Austin order arrives this spring I'll be on my way to the Depot to pick some up.

Cleaning supplies (for your bod) from Lush. Their products are all made by hand with vegetarian/vegan ingredients. I don't know about you, but I think there's nothing better than coming in from a long day outside and scrubbing up with some good smelling treats. Sometimes Lush's fragrances are a bit too strong for me, but take the time to sniff around and I guarantee you'll find something. Pictured above (clockwise): Sea Vegetable - Invigorating Seaweed and Lime Soap, Sunny Side - Bubble Bath, and Jumping Juniper - Solid Shampoo Bar.

Dr. Martens are back in style and these are definitely on MY wish list. The Doc 1460. Cuter and dressier than the Crocs I usually wear on my Gertens run. :)

Gardening books and magazine gift subscriptions provide a wealth of inspiration for both the amateur and master digger. I love the book Natural Companions (new this year) and Gardens Illustrated magazine. Both are available at Barnes & Noble, but you can also purchase Natural Companions right from Ellen Hoverkamp's site right here

 And lastly, outdoorsy smelling candles. Mrs. Meyer's offers some great seasonal scents - like Iowa Pine. It smells just like a Christmas Tree! If conifers aren't your thing, try the Lavender. Scented soy burns clean and most of the Mrs. Meyer's line boasts 35+ burn hours. Most of this range can be found at Target.

What are some garden related items topping your wish list this season? Drop me a comment and let me know what you love.
I hope you enjoyed my Holiday Picks!* Have a delightful Holiday with your families and friends and stay tuned for some Catching You Up - Parts 2, 3, 4... 5 and so on!

*I hope to sneak these Garden Gift related posts in a few times a year. Because - ya' know - everyone needs a little "Retail Therapy" once in a while. Let me know what you think!



  1. Wow these are a good selection of gifts! I wouldn't have minded getting a few of these :)

    Anna B





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