Hot Pink Saturday

Our office overlooks my garden. As I sit here the Saturday before Christmas, there's snow on the ground and it's only 16 Degrees; 7 if you factor in wind chill. I'm not complaining. It could be a lot worse... at least it's sunny.

I'm getting ready to go to work and I've dressed myself in shades of hot pink and fuchsia. This is because I hate winter. This isn't a complaint, but a declarative statement.

Today I don't feel like wearing beige and shearling boots and snowflake prints. I want to wear hot pink tie-dye under a coral sweater with hot pink lipstick and flower earrings ... and pretend it's summer. Just for the day.


  1. Sounds like a good strategy. Let us know how it works out.

  2. It worked great... until I was hit by the negative temps upon returning to my car. Jason (and Judy) - Great blog and thanks for stopping by. I wish you a Happy New Year!





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