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Meet my garden. She looks a bit unkempt in these photos, but I promise she looks a lot tidier now (even under a foot of snow). The next few posts are my attempt to get you up to speed on what happened here over our first summer (we moved in June 21st). 

Above is the North side of the house. My border/bed starts at the sickly rose bush - and yes, Achillea millefolium and poisonous (but lovely) Convallaria majalis on the right. 

Let's take a walk down Garden Alley, shall we?

A little white tea rose (must check the name) in front. Then, sickly rose.

Awfully overgrown lilies. Some Sedum, lots of weeds, more weeds and...

The wiriest Coreopsis you've ever seen.


More and more and MORE Sedum...weeds and a Penstemon digitalis Husker Red (which I hated at first, but it's now grown on me). You can see it better below.

And from afar...
Several clumps of blue Iris (that probably hadn't been divided in 30 years) and more Sedum (of course).

More lilies and then a bunch of other junk - literally, junk. Several thistles, old tomato cages and lots of thistle (Jack and the Bean Stalk sized thistle). Ugh. But then, Oh! My shed. My cute little shed.

West Side. Nice (and by nice I mean awful) 50 year old Juniper and Pine. 

Our cutsie built in planter by the front entry. I had a lot of fun with this over the summer and fall.

Welcome to the South side... one strange rose bush. Which I think might be a climber? Anyone have any thoughts? It's just so darn tall...

And this Jackmanii Clematis - which there's no way you can see under those weeds :)

That's it. My first tour is complete. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Garden World and please stick around for a few more "Catch Up" updates. 


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