Wisconsin Woods

Workerman and I just got back from visiting my family in the Wisconsin Woods. Sadly, the woods ain't [sic] so woody anymore...

 My parents live on 3+ acres that they've owned for over 25 years. The surrounding (farm) land about a mile and a half has been snatched up by developers and turned into winding trails of "rentable condos" and industrial cul-de-sacs.  Such a shame to see this beautiful, pristine land turned into row after row of cookie cutter apartments. Don't get me wrong - development and progress are good things; however, this isn't the good kind.

This is probably the last Christmas I get to spend with my family at my childhood home, so I just took the time to sit. Sit, reflect and relax. And maybe, just be a little sad.

 My mom kept saying "You must be bored to death." 

I wasn't bored, Mom...

I used to spy on Blue Birds in this house // One one several Chickadees enjoying a snack.



Again, wishing you and your families the warmest of holidays and a Happy New Year.

xo. sj


  1. Sounds bittersweet. At least you got one more visit. I remember going home one year to find several of the old houses had been torn down to build ugly mcmansions. Really changed the neighborhood, not for the better.





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