Home Depot Makes My Night

Are you sick of orchid posts yet? Well, if you aren't, you'll probably be nauseous after this one. Don't worry, I'll end with something non-orchid related.

Anyway, this is my (unpaid) gush about the Home Depot Garden Club (HDGC). 

I "joined" the HDGC upon going plant crazy last summer. They hooked me with free and plants in the same sentence. Basically, I signed up to be emailed the happenings of the Home Depot's Garden World (my unofficial name for it). In doing so, a $10 off coupon flew right into my email. *I used that coupon last summer to buy some gloves, or something...

New plant releases, products, classes, coupons, inspirational ideas and special blog posts... they're all found in the HDGC's little newsletter type emails. You aren't spammered with this club either which is a HUGE PLUS. The emails come bi-monthly - I'm pretty sure. So, score! Right?! I've found some of the emails informative, some stupid/cheesy (we're being honest here), but mostly awesome.

The last email from the HDGC was no exception. It made my whole day. BOGO(free) orchids! Boo-yah!

So Workerman took me Thursday night (in the 7 degree weather) to pick up two new babies - actually three. Above you'll see why... two different plants growing in one small pot!

 I am so impressed with the number of blooms on these plants. They are some of the best orchids I've ever seen at Home Depot. 

And this one... possibly my favorite. The buds are neon against the stem. 

While Phalaenopsis are the pretty much the plain panes of the orchid world, I don't care. They're all delicately beautiful. One of nature's most magnificent plant creations - I think.

 Here's a shot of everything in bloom right now.
 I also have a Hannah McKay/Dexter style Blood Splatter orchid too, but it's dormant right now and shoved in the back corner... also scored at HD - for $3.00

Oh, oh oh! And I can't forget this sad little lady. Amaryllis Apple Blossom - boring, I know - however, she was only $3.99 I hope some good fresh air and sunlight will green her up and send her blooming. Most of the clearance bulbs were wet and rotting, so I've got low expectations.
 Dry and firm - she was the only one in the bunch.

 So, my collection is growing once again thanks to the Home Depot Garden Club :) *And I only spent $20.98! You can't beat that for Plant Therapy on a cold Minnesota night. If you've got a Home Depot in your area, you should sign up for the Garden Club. I don't think you'll be disappointed!


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