Special Delivery Ed. 1

 I know... two posts (perhaps even three) in one day, but I'm so excited I just had to post this! Twitter is being a drag about photos, so I'm posting it on here. 

My Worm Farm came today!

It came just as we were headed out to grab a coffee. Have you ever seen anyone so excited about worms? Maybe you have... but I've never seen MYSELF this excited about worms. I even did a little worm dance. Workerman thinks I'm nuts.

*Here's a link to get your own Worm Factory 360


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    1. I hope it stays fun and not stinky. My partner watched the instructional DVD with me and as soon as they said "anaerobic bacteria" and "odor" he gave me the side eye.

      "If this thing smells, you're in trouble..."





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