Garden Wishlist

Hey, it's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! But guess what... There are no blooms in my garden! :( So, today I'm skipping my GBBD post to share my Garden Wishlist with you. I mean,'s been 5*F here for the last several days. There's nothing out there, folks! Even the frost is dead. My camera doesn't work when it's this cold and my body definitely doesn't go outside if it doesn't have to.

So, as the seed and plant catalogs start to roll in (and I open the door quickly to retrieve them) I've been piling, filing and compiling.

 At this moment, I have two favorite catalogs: Bluestone Perennials and David Austin Roses. I thought I'd share what I want from each.

See... you're still enjoying "blooms." Pretty, catalog blooms.

Anyway, I haven't made any orders because I've heard mail-order perennials are pretty tiny. I'm worried I could get more bang for my buck at Gertens (my IGC)... then again, I'm afraid they won't stock exactly what I want this spring.

 Gardener's Problems!

Anyway, here's the short list of what I want from Bluestone:

Thymus Lanuginosus & Achillea Schwellenberg 

Eryngium Blue Hobbit & Aquilegia Clementine Red 

Clematis Piilu & Sambucus Black Beauty 

And from David Austin:

Shropshire Lad

Mary Rose

Crocus Rose

So, whatdaya think?! Pretty, no?

I plan to keep posting about plants on my Garden Wishlist, but you can always find them on my Pinterest too.

What are you wishing for - a lovely new perennial? A fragrant shrub or gorgeous tree? I want to hear all about it - and what your favorite catalogs are as well!

*Photos from Bluestone Perennials and David Austin Roses.


  1. Nice selection. My wish list includes Caryopteris 'Longwood Blue', a mid-size butterfly bush that tops out at 5', some more butterflyweed, and perhaps a young fringe tree ... and some Monarda 'Claire Grace' ... and ...

  2. I know, I know! The lists are never-ending. I looked up all three you listed and they are gorgeous. I'm intrigued by the fringe tree. Very pretty white... but then I saw a fringe Purple Majesty shrub. Now I have to stop...

  3. My wishlist is never ending!!! You've made some lovely choices. Top of my list at the moment is a bit of snow :)





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