Some Tropical for Tuesday

 Our guest bedroom gets gussied up with one of my BOGO orchids from the Home Depot and some artwork. Mr. Workerman painted that lovely Strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradise) when he was just eight years old. Talented, I know.  

I enjoy our guest bedroom a lot. It's very serene; only one large window. The color palette is lavendery/lilac/floral - inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe... if she lived in Florida... or Guatemala. Someday when the room is "finished" I'll show it to you.

The photos above were - of course - taken at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. Here and there... and a few years ago. The bromeliad photo is actually used by some places/navigation app (oh my god I've forgotten which!!) to ID what type of "things" you can find at the Conservatory. It's my claim to Internet App fame. 

Anyway, stay tuned. I took some video of my worm bin in action and may get around to posting it later today. I've also got more sprout shots and lists of seeds I order from #supersowsunday. Thrilling!


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