Oh Phooey!

You might not remember this, but last month (or two ago?) I scored a clearance Amaryllis Apple Blossom on super sale at the Home Depot. Well, I've been nursing it into bloom and it finally opened a few days ago. Much to my surprise this is what it looked like...


Damn! Red Lion. As you know, I already have that one. I was hoping for those delicate pink and white petals! :(


Don't you hate it when that happens?! 

Have you ever purchased a plant or bulb thinking it was one thing... and it bloomed another? 


  1. Such a shame that it wasn't the one you were looking for - it could have been worse - you might well have paid full price! It looks healthy enough and if you hadn't taken it home it would have ended up in the trash. So you are a savior really :)
    Was given the wrong shrub once, I bought it when it was dormant, as it turned out I rather like what I was given - so it stayed. A while later I happened to mention to the nursery owner that the plant was wrongly labelled and I got the one I wanted for free :)

    1. Score for you! Luckily the Amaryllis has been my only run-in with switched/mislabeled plants. Now, once my seeds germinate I might be signing another tune. Hub says I'll probably get all weeds :) Do you think I could use "Plant Savior" as my excuse when he think's I'm going overboard?

      Have a great weekend - everyone!

  2. I bought several from wal-mart this year and only a few were what they were supposed to be.

    1. Yes! Those Big Boxes need some serious bulb quality control! My mama always said "Ya get what ya pay for!" :)





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