Special Delivery - Sustainable Seed Company

On Super Bowl Sunday a large group of Gardeners/Garden Tweeters got together to participate in the second annual #SuperSowSunday. While a large portion of America was tweeting about Beyonce's risque half-time costume, we were chatting (via Twitter) about what was growin' on in our gardens.

This was the first year I participated and I can tell you - it won't be the last.  I participate weekly in #GardenChat, but #SuperSowSunday boasted PRIZES and an additional hour to shoot the breeze with my new garden buddies.

I was lucky enough to win a superbly generous $40 gift certificate to Sustainable Seed Company from the host, Bren Haas.

She (most likely) thinks I'm crazy because as soon as she sent it to me, I was all like... "Woop! Thanks! I've already got $40 worth of stuff in my cart!"

I spent it pretty fast. 

Not even two weeks later, everything arrived in my box.

Before I make you jealous with my awesome spoils list, let me say - Sustainable Seed Company is FABULOUS! Based in No. Cal they offer the best variety of high quality, organic and open-pollinated heirloom veggie seeds I've ever seen. It was a bit overwhelming at first; narrowing down my choices, but I ended up with a little over $40 worth of seeds in my cart. They shipped it out quickly and were nice enough to include a little surprise gift seed packet.

Without further ado, here's what I picked up:

  • Organic Arugula 'Roquette'
  • Organic Jalapeno Pepper
  • Organic Purple Beauty Bell Pepper
  • Organic San Marzano - Short Vine
  • Organic Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa
  • Columbine 'Mc Kana' Giants Mix
  • Sweet Pea Bijou Dwarf Mix
  • Calfornia Poppy 'Purple Gleam'
  • Skyscraper Sunflowers
  • Southwest Wildflower Mix
  • Zinnia California Giants Mix
  • Detroit Dark Red Beet
  • Toma Verde Tomatillo
  • Dill
  • Rosemary

 Now, I've already winter sowed some of the flower seeds (specifically the Cal. Poppies), but I'm waiting a few more weeks to start the veggies and the herbs. We can't wait to have the best veggie garden on the block!

So, my big THANK YOU and shout out to Bren and Sustainable Seed Company for the aweseome #SuperSowSunday gift. 



  1. I love your choices, especially the zinnias and CA poppies. Your going to have a very colorful garden, and a lot of delicious fresh vegetables this summer!





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