Garden Inspiration - Board No. 1

I recently read a gardening article that said "Restrict your garden's color scheme to create maximum impact in your beds and borders." I didn't finish the whole article since I already knew what they were getting at, but the piece served as a great reminder to stay focused with my perennial picks this spring.

 Last summer I was a plant fiend. Snatching up one of everything I loved and couldn't leave the nursery without. I tried to "design" our largest perennial border around what was purchased that day or the day before. Not a great gardening strategy - so I've read; however, I did have one thing going for me. I purchased plants I liked. Plants I was immediately drawn to. These plants happen to be mostly pink and purple varieties.

As a reminder to stay focused and true to what I've envisioned for our outdoor space, I decided to create some inspiration/mood boards. Because I'm so very much a "visual" person, these boards help me gather and sort through all the craziness in my brain. Craziness that I cannot easily communicate to you. Perhaps they will be representative of what my garden aspires to be...

The first board I will share is based on the article I semi-read and my garden color scheme.

All of the images (and their links or attributions) can be found on my Pinterest. I'll be posting more Garden Inspiration Boards regularly and linking the blog entries to my pins.

Thanks for checking out my first board! Let me know what you think.


  1. Your board is beautiful. Love the colors. I have a hard time sticking to a color scheme, as I have a bad habit of impulse shopping. Good luck staying focused!

    1. Holley - Oh, the impulse buys! Boy, do I know 'em. My plan of attack for every nursery visit has been load up the cart and then whittle down. I get a lot of exercise this way ;)

  2. I've found that it's taken me a long time to develop any kind of focus or discipline in design and color. Looks like you are off to a good start.

    1. Staying focused IS hard work when you must have every plant! Gardeners are collectors.





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