Happy Accident - Arhaus


This entry contains more garden finials, but I promise it's short and sweet.


Today, Mr. Workerman and I stumbled upon Arhaus. Located in the Galleria, Arhaus is primarily a furniture store/showroom... however, they had some awesome outdoor/garden type items that I wanted to show you. I was oohing and ahhing around every turn of their displays. Cool stuff! 

Some of my favorite pieces are picture above.

In their showroom, many of the vignettes included really nice (Italian) terracotta pieces; you know I'm a terracotta freak. But guess what I saw right when I walked in the door... GINORMOUS artichoke garden finial! 

Artichoke on a Stand


If you're so inclined, check our the Arhaus site. Let me know if you like it as much as I do!


  1. I love Arhaus! They put things together beautifully. My dining room table is Arhaus.





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