Spring Cheer

This morning I needed a little spring cheer, so I headed over to Gerten's while Mr. Workerman was in a meeting. Soooo many good things! Though it was easy to restrain myself; payday is tomorrow and until then I'm on a shoestring.

I planted 14 little pots for our entry. Tonight we are expecting a flash of cold weather - after I took these photos, I hauled everything back into the garage. The spikes haven't been hardened off yet, so I'll have to do this little dance for another week or so...


These pots should have been filled will gorgeous tulips, hyacinths, crocus and narcissus, but I discovered the bulbs received too much snow/moisture over the winter... I had been a little curious about them (pots); not seeing anything poking through the soil after our warm spell.  This morning, after our pup-chores, I found a stick and started excavating. Mush! Damn!

You can see why they rotted...

First Snowfall of 2012

The were buried for a good 5 months - 54" of snow total. Lesson learned.


Anyway, back to happy spring-like things....

My magnolia is going to burst any day - maybe tomorrow even. I'll have to get up extra early to check (and photograph) before I head to work. I adore the light pinky hue, though I believe the flowers will be white.

 I can't wait to sniff them!


  1. So sorry about your rotted bulbs. 54 inches of snow is incredible! Your pots of blooms look so pretty - I hope the cold doesn't get to them. How exciting, too, to have a magnolia starting to bloom!





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