Progress - Lattice Edition

Remember this scary lattice-face photo?

And this less scary one that illustrated what I wanted to accomplish with my newly purchased expandi-lattice?


Workerman installed it for me today. So happy! My previous illustration was a bit misleading size wise. I didn't really bother to measure when I was dreaming and scheming. But, the way this ended up hanging is pretty much dynamite. It's a perfect fit! Any wider and the lattice would have been hanging out all wonky under the overhangy thingy (whatever it's called). Since I don't have enough jungle gym equipment for my plants,  I just ordered a downspout trellis for my Clematis Piilu <--- literally - stopped writing this entry to order. That trellis will go in toward the right - obviously. To the left (front of the planter) I'll plant something crazy cool... haven't figured that out yet. Any suggestions? Oooh! Maybe I'll run more lattice/wire around the brick for other climbing climbers!?! I dunno.


Today was my first day of three days off this week. I can't wait to share what else I've done! Three days in the garden - LOVE! I hope you get a chance to enjoy this glorious weather. Drop me a little note and tell me what you've done in your garden! :)


  1. Hey garden girly, time to get a rain barrel under that downspout and catch some precious!!!

    1. Carole, I know! I think we're going to install one on the back (north) downspout. I hear it's going to be a wet season in Minnesota, so we need to get our butts in gear. Just have to choose... do I want terracotta-look barrel or wine barrel... Hmmm :)





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