Spring - Finally!

Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees. I spent most of the day (and evening) outside. Finally! Garden blogs will get progressively more interesting week by week...

I wasn't planning to tackle this project yet (Mr. Workerman said he'd do it), but after seeing how nice the weather was... and the fact that most bugs aren't out yet, I decided to get the loppers out. Not great photos, but you can see some progress was made.

If you look carefully, you'll notice in the before photo there is a spindly tree that looks like it's growing out of the shed roof... it was gone by noon. Most of the tree trunk is still behind the shed, but I'm not quite sure how to make it go away. I think I'll propose this dilemma to my friends on the Twitter #treechat

I hung the Mason Bee house (from Gardener's Supply). *It might be a bit low, but I really really want to see what's going on inside.

and checked on my winter sown seeds. A few have sprouted - chives, hollyhocks, lupines, some veggies.
Russell's Lupine Seedlings

 and basically had the loveliest day outside doing not much of anything. :)

As I type this, I've noticed our neighbor has pruned her front garden and is unrolling a hose... our other neighbor is cleaning her deck... and the birds are singing and chirping victory tweets. 

Thank you Spring. Minnesotans have missed you!


  1. It's so nice to have spring finally arrive! You did a lot of work in just a couple of hours. I hope your Mason bees find their home attractive, and give you many hours of entertainment.

  2. Thanks, Holley! No bees yet, but I keep lookin'





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