Dreaming - Fall Planted Bulbs

One of my favorite mail-order companies is Bluestone Perennials
I've talked about them several times because a lot of the plants I purchased last winter were from them.

Well, today Bluestone sent out an email stating that their website has changed over to "fall mode."

Oh me...

I had to check out this "fall mode," and made the fatal link jump from my email right to their website. Now I have several new bulbs added to my fall planting wish list...

Since the squirrels (little buggers) and rot (damnit) got to most of my bulbs last season, I've decided to just plant a cutting garden in our raised veggie bed after the last harvest is made. Maybe I'll have better luck this year/next spring. I'm will also try some more bulb planted pots again... but I definitely won't be leaving them outside over the winter.

Here are my sweet six for fall planting bulbs from Bluestone Perennials:

Tulip Don Quichotte

 Clockwise from top left: Hyacinth Odysseus, Tulip Angelique, Hyacinth Carnegie and Tulip Creme Upstar

 This might be my favorite - Tulip Peace Flame. 

Since I went bulb-crazy last year and broke the bank several times, I'm trying to stay focused. I chose color as the way to do this. This palette will look lovely with our mint-colored house.


What do you think? Summer just arrived. Is it too early to be dreaming of fall? 


  1. I've ordered too - love bulb shopping.

    1. Amy, your garden is looking fabulous. What are your plans for fall planting? Do you do containers?

  2. I can see why you like Peace Flame. I like Bluesone's also. Another catalog I like for bulbs is John Scheeper's.

    1. On my way to John Scheepers right now... :) Thanks for the tip!

  3. Love your choices! I like to plant Angelique tulips, too...my favorite tulip combo is Angelique with Queen of the Night. Have you tried Colorblends? They're my go-to when it's time to purchase bulbs (which will be soon!)





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