Other People's Plants - A Shady Garden in Burnsville

Mr. Workerman's mother has outstanding gardens. They are terraced and mostly shade. She insisted they were too weedy for an overall shot, so I obliged her request not to take the panorama today.  She grows hosta at neolithic proportions. Very impressive. Some day I'll show you a shot from above. 

Have a lovely weekend, friends. 


  1. Lovely weekend to you as well! Beautiful indeed...Amazing layers happening here!!!!

  2. That's a great descriptor - layers. Because that's exactly what is happening here. There's some nice dappled light at the top of her garden... and as you work your way down - lots of deep shade. Her plants and site are really well done. The layering is really what makes it a spectacular garden. :)

  3. I like the cat statuary, my wife is a cat person. Also those are some very attractive and unusual colors for Monarda and Buddleia.

    1. The butterfly bush is stunning. It's called bi-color (something)... I've been searching for one. It's on my "must" list. Smells just as delightful as the others.





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