Workerman Takes a Nature Photo

There's competition in our home. Healthy competition... over who can capture the best photograph. I'd never come out and offer it up in casual conversation, but Mr. Workerman has been known to take some pretty good photos. He wanted me to let y'all know "I took that." 

I mean... 

He took those!

We're both amateur photographers; having "studied" photography briefly in high school/college. We shoot with the same camera. Often helping each other capture the best version of our subject, we pass the camera back and forth. Who took what gets mixed up. "I took that" has become the winning declarative when there's a good photo in the mix.

Mr. Workerman likes other things better than gardening, but he does like nature, so I've enlisted him to contribute to the blog. On a regular basis, he'll be providing some "nature" photos for your viewing pleasure. 

He hopes you like them. :)


  1. Love the bug pic...kudos to Mr. Workerman! Horticulture Hick bought me my camera for we fight over it...but it's MINE!!!! Lovely shots and greetings to you both.

  2. Mine is not too proficient with the camera, but he's great with a shovel. Great pics!

  3. I do like them. It's very good to have a partnership with your spouse for your blog. Judy takes about 90% of the photographs I use, in part because I am not much of a photographer.

    1. Jason, tell Judy she's doing a bang up job! I've always enjoyed the photographs on your blog.

  4. Thanks, everyone! I'll let him know. :) LOL.





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