Plants That Look Like Tiny Explosions

I like whispy, airy, whimsical looking plants. I need to add some more to my collection. Do you have any suggestions? Purple, pink, white... preferably. Bonus points if they have funny names (e.g. Blue Hobbit). Must take sun.


 My good friend (from the interwebs), Handy Helen just jumped back into blogging. She's a crafty fox and a gardener too. She can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. <--- My mother told me that was impossible. I'm sure she'd be tickled if you:

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here! I start vacation next week, so I hope to have a lot of interesting before/afters from my garden. Gotta' dig while I can. 



  1. Love these pics!! OK, so I asked Horticulture Hick to come up with something for you. Here's what he came up with, "Tiarella "Pacific Crest". It's on the cover of our Terra Nova Catalog. This is traditionally a shade plant in southern climates, but he thinks it will tolerate more sun in zone 4. ~Urban Chick~

  2. I love plants like these too!!!! I wish my puffy Bee Balms lasted longer because their poofs make me so happy!!! What zone are you in???? Cheers to the weekend and digging!!!

  3. How about Scabiosa or Knautia? They are more like puffs than explosions, I guess.

  4. Well, Russian Sage of course. But I know we've talked about that :) what about baby's breath? I don't care for it it floral arrangements, but it's really pretty growing in a garden!





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