Day Trip - Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

The Mr. took me on a date to the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum yesterday. 11 years living in Minnesota, and I've never been there. Boy, I've been missing out! The arboretum was absolutely stunning. We spent 4 hours hiking around, and my love for gardening, plants, flowers and nature have been reinvigorated. 

I hope you enjoy these highlights from our trip.  

The annual garden - very European. I love the symmetry...

and this awesome fountain. 


 Dahlias galore! There were so many... couldn't keep track. Of course the pinkish ones are my favorite.

 Water features were prominent in many of the gardens. I especially loved this one with the mer-babies and the old time serpent/dolphins.

 One of my favorites.

 Goofing off in the Wildflower Gardens - This clearing was very zen; my pose, not so much. And yes, I wear those crazy finger-toe shoes.

 This section was called the Hosta Glade. Every type of hosta you could imagine - they had it.

 This one comes in 1st place for me. I love the contrasting colors of the pine and the peachy/coral colored lilies. Our house is very close to the cool hue (of the pine tree) and I've promised myself to keep this photograph in mind when planning and planting.


 Workerman took frequent breaks. I told him not to wear jeans...

 This was one of my favorites - The MacMillan Terrace Garden.

Out in the Prairie Gardens

 The roses... to die for. We sniffed around in this section for a good 20 minutes.

 Can you tell this is a putrid smelling flower?

 See? More sitting...

Hope you are enjoying your week, lovely garden friends. 

More soon!


  1. Glorious things happening here! The dahlias are outstanding as are the water features and the borders in those beds! BEAUTIFUL!!! I dig your pose...Ha! The garden bed with the coneflowers and coreopsis gave me some ideas for my side yard butterfly garden! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Go for the Pow Wow Wild Berry! I think you'll love it! I killed mine, but am enchanted by the pics you posted of the JPW/Coneflower/SGrass combo.

  2. Fabulous garden. Another one for the list!

  3. Great tour! How close is this place to St. Paul? Maybe we can see it while visiting our son. I also love the water features with the boulders and the willow.

    1. Very close! Only about 25/30 minutes away. Worth the drive. For. Sure!

  4. I love this garden I have finally have something blooming 12 months a year. I hope you will visit my blog sometimes.

    1. Thanks, Juanita! You, indeed, have a lovely blog. I've added it to my reading list! Thanks for finding me :) Happy Gardening!

  5. So very beautiful, thank you for showing us!





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