Don't Worry, I'll Save You!

That's what I said to this sad little Dalmatian Peach Foxglove at the Home Depot. She's all twisty and wilty, but hopefully a dose of compost and a good glug of water will fix that. I couldn't pass it up at $4.29


I'm on vacation. A busman's holiday, according to my neighbor... and since being on it, I haven't done anything fun - of course. Poor me. Waa waa.  *oops! i forgot about the arboretum <--- that was fun.

Before I head back to work on Monday, I need to do something in the garden. Something satisfying. And I've got a plan... 

Just you wait and see!


  1. What a pretty color! The half-rotted dianthus i pity-purchased are doing okay too! Yay us!

    1. Thanks, Amy. I checked on the foxglove today and it's actually set more blooms! I can't believe it. Crossing my fingers it overwinters.





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