Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2013

 I was late to the game last month (actually, I didn't even show up), and now I'm rushing to get this posted before midnight on the most favoriteist (yes, I know that isn't a word) day of the month for garden bloggers - Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I had completely forgotten about the post until about 8 pm this evening. After waking up from a tiny cat nap on the living room floor (no, I wasn't inebriated - just exhausted) I ran outside to snap a few photos. Low light left a few photos kinda' blurry. My apologies. And I'm not being scientific with naming this evening. Double sorry.


I'd love to "walk" you around my garden like Carol does, but sadly things aren't so pretty that way... So we'll just focus on the up close and personal with all the pretties blooming right now.

 Some type of Celosia (at least that's what I think it is) was in a mixed wildflower packet that we scattered on our "Hippie Dirt Pile" in the back yard. There is another one growing on the pile, but it's the most brilliant red color. My lens couldn't capture the hue without going haywire.  The red one remains unpictured... This pinkish one is my favorite anyway.

 The deathbed foxglove I saved from a big box. Happily starting to bloom from a small shoot at its base. I fear I may have planted it in too sunny of an area. I hope it makes it; don't want to stress it by replanting.

Half eaten dahlia and a puny galdiolus. The gladiolus I planted for both my mother and Workerman's sister. They are August-borns. The bulbs don't get enough sun in their current position. I'll be digging them up and storing them over winter.

Liatris, of course. You know how much I love these. 

Spiderwort. Planted earlier this season. It seems to reside happily where I plopped it.

 Cosmos on the dirt pile.

This one's thrown in for posterity. A once garbled and overgrown space to the left of our side entrance... and we turned it into something quite attractive (in my opinion). Creeping time between the pavers, a morning glory growing up the obelisk, a potted rose, some catmint, iris, a climbing hydrangea, a carpet rose and some weeds beyond. Oh, how I need to edge the walkway...

Zinnias! Pink on the dirt pile... and Green Envy in my border. I won't grow GE again. It's pretty "meh."


The Russian Sage exploded a week or so ago. The plants are huge. They are still a summer favorite. 

The forever optimistic, Teddy Bear. 

Sea Thrift. This photo is from earlier this spring, but it's still in bloom now.


California poppies. So cool. They've been blooming every day, all summer long. These are also on the dirt pile ;) 

*Oops! This one didn't upload the first time, so I'm popping it back in! Globe flower. It reminds me of a lotus. I bought two puny plants early this spring. One is FINALLY flowering, and I think the other one kicked the bucket (or is about to).

*And this one too - didn't upload. More allium. The ones along our potager are late to bloom, but nonetheless lovely.

 A rose unknown... but not unloved. Heavily pruned last fall, it's growing in the the wrong direction. I need to work on my pruning skills; hoping to make it grow more left to right... it's growing front to back (and into the fence).

And last but not least, Rose Charlotte. *Notice* she isn't displaying any blight. I sadly chopped several flowers and buds off last week after Workerman noticed she was blighty <--- I think I made that up. It was a good move though. No red splotches present at the moment.  


So what's blooming in your August garden? I need to make the rounds to see what y'all are up to. As always, thank you thank you to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  Please stop by her blog to see what's blooming in her garden and around the world.



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