While Visions of Astilbe Danced in Their Heads...

 Meet Astilbe chinensis 'Visions' - the first astilbe I will attempt to grow. I've been thinking about shade plants lately and today, at Southview Garden Center, I did more than think... I bought. Two. Visions called my name - loud and clear. 

It's fragrant! It smells like grape candy. I. LOVE. It. The flowers look like tiny explosions, and you know I fancy that!

I can't wait to show you where I planted these. The big reveal is quite impressive (to me, at least). Check back next week for that post.  
And a PSA for all of you who live in the Twin Cities/surrounding area, please check out Southview in West St. Paul. It's a great IGC, and they have a really outstanding selection of interesting plants. Family owned for 50 years. Can't beat that!   <--- they didn't pay me, or give me any free plant-swag. promise. 



  1. {gasps} this. Looks. Awesome. I've never 'gone there' w astilbe bc I have only seen it from a distance and it was white looking. This is a stunner!! And I think I saw a lil baby hosta (I'm sing songing this) in there. Oohhhh such a great job, friend!!

    1. A lot of people in my 'hood only plant white too. I don't know know why. There were a TON of different pinky/purple varieties at the IGCs this season. I wasn't sold on them until I caught a whiff of this one. So crazy! It really smells like candy. Since I killed the purple iris with grape soda fragrance... I'm trying to replace the scent. :(

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    1. Thank you, Nicole. I'm catching up on your blog today ;) Happy Gardening, friend!





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