Fall Planter: Part I

Last year I went on a pumpkin spice fueled color rampage. Our front planter was decked - and I mean decked - with gourds, pansy pots, faux greenery, mums, grass etc...  Though the squirrels feasted on the gourds before the first snow fall, it looked fabulous (pretty much) all season. Riotous color. Neighbors commented weekly on the loveliness that was our front stoop.

This year - not a peep. I was trying to keep it subtle, ya' know? Well, golly! Mission accomplished. How depressing. The scheme is beautiful, no doubt about that (pat pat pat on my back), but my selections just don't do our home any justice. 

There's no oomph!

So, I've only taken one photo of the planter this season. In the coming weeks I may try to spice things up with real gourds (I've collected several faux, weatherproof pumpkins from Goodwill - after spending a billion dollars last year on real ones) and then take some better photographs. 

This may be a case of "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" or better yet, "You can't polish a turd."

I'm not sure.

I wish you all a happy, fall festivity filled garden weekend!


  1. You as well!!! What I see in your shots is beautiful!! I get the oomph thing though....I have issues by the front door because it is all shade so I am tempted to just do boxwoods there and keep my planters out further where there is sun. Decisions!!?!?! And as for the animals eating your gourds and what not...I can't even put mine out! They eat right through them!!! Happy fall weekend to you!!!





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