Planted: Malus 'Prairiefire'

We planted our third tree yesterday. That's three trees in a little over a year! <--- we're proud of that. This tree is pretty special; a blooming and berried crabapple that will (hopefully) flower in May (our birth month). Originally we picked a white flowering variety called Spring Snow, but after thinking about the color when viewed from the street, and with our house, we chose Prairiefire for its louder, more exhuberant pink/red spring blossoms. Yes, we like to make a statement.

 I think the early color will give our front landscaping the oomph it needs. It's amazing to view our yard/house from the front now... even as a tiny twig, it's an instant focal point. Strange to look out our front window too... "Hey! Who put that tree out there?!" Maybe we're just overly proud tree-parents, but we love our new baby.

Are you doing any planting this fall? I'm already dreaming up the bed that will go around the tree. One thing at a time, Sarah. One thing at a time.


  1. I am a proud tree parent though my new redbud doesn't look as healthy as it did at the beginning of the summer. Fingers crossed! Your tree is perfect and yes the bed will be beautiful that surrounds it! I try to slow myself down all the time but that is just so hard to do!!!





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