Freshly Cut: A Portrait + Garden Vignette

I snipped a large dahlia arrangement before the storm rolled in today... then pestered the Mr. to take some photos. I greatly prefer to reside behind the lens, but that first photo gives you a good look at my fall garden attire. Wearing the same exact thing every time I venture out puts me in a working mood. Workerman and I put on our "workin' clothes" and head out; he to the woodshop, me to the garden. It's a routine I thoroughly enjoy.

ps - I spared you the "Double Sock & men's Crocs" portion of my portrait. You can thank me later.
pps - I will grow dahlias for ever and ever. Can't wait to add to my collection this spring. 


  1. Your arrangement is stunning! And you are fantastic in that shot! Don't you just love that work mode in the garden?!?! I have to hit it tomorrow! Your dahlias are so stunning and I love the overall vignette you have rocking there! Happy day to you tomorrow lady! So glad you stepped in front of the lens...had me laughing at the mens crocs!!!

  2. I love them too - yours are gorgeous!

  3. Wow. Those dahlias are gorgeous. Do you know their names?

    1. The pink/orange/yellow was SUPPOSED to be Mrs. Eileen, but I'm pretty sure it's not! ;) I have yet to confirm what it actually is. The white one is Tsuki-Yori-No-Shisha. Both tubers were from Menards. I spent a few dollars this holiday buying specialty dahlias from the Dahlia Barn, but I really intend to buy tons of the cheapies from Menards again. They didn't disappoint!





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