Planting Day: Spring Bulbs

I haven't given up on spring bulbs even though last season's planting was a bust. Today I gathered up everything I ordered and trugged them outside. About 80 bulbs were planted before the sun went down.  Most of the tulips are nestled in pots (cause they were $$$) and I don't want to lose them to that hideous rot that happened last year. Workerman - though not without complaint - was gracious enough to help me clear a little spot for the potted tulips in his workshop; they'll rest there this winter. There are several more blubs (all allium) to be planted out in the perennial bed and then I'll  call it quits with the planting for this season.

Nice neighbors have kindly started dropping bags of shredded leaves and grass clippings at our garage. I've been spreading them around my flowers. <-- i read it's best to use that as mulch in veggie gardens, but I think it'll be fine for my perennials.

It finally feels like fall here. You can't see it in the photo, but I wore a hooded sweatshirt with a cotton flannel over it, a winter hat and two pair of socks today... neighbor said I looked like a lumberjack.

That's Minnesota in October.

*ps - if you're curious about what i bought this season, check out this post


  1. I love that shot of you!!!! And I have been thinking of planting some in pots too!!! Are you placing anything over your alliums? I'm nervous about losing my bulbs too...good luck! I'm tackling my last bit tomorrow!! Happy week to you!!!!

  2. Hi Nicole, muchas gracias! I have not placed anything over the alliums for protection. I had really good luck with the ones I planted last year (nothing seems to bother them b/c most animals find the oniony smell pretty stinky). I planted some of my more special weird allium under some creeping thyme. I hope they grow up through it this spring. I did place some chicken wire over some of the tulips I planted in between my new peonies. I didn't want to risk a critter digging for those and also digging up the peonies in the process. Happy fall to you! Can't wait read and see what you've been up to.

  3. Love this post! My spring bulbs should be arriving in the mail soon. I'll pop them in the fridge to fake winter (HA) and then plant them in January. Can't wait to see what yours look like!

    1. Have you planted them yet!? I'll have to check in with your blog later this evening. I'm playing catchup with my reading and I'm so, so , so far behind. My "faked" winter for the hyacinths might not have been long enough - they are trying so hard to bloom, but it's slow going.

    2. How long did you chill them for? I shoot for 8 weeks, so hopefully that is right. I do have some coming up - I'll do a post this weekend with the "progress" photos LOL.





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