Elodie Lily

Planted my Elodie (Asiatic) Lily bulbs on my day off. 6" under ground... I hope none of those digging-type creatures gets to them.

Also planted were my Bowl of Beauty peonies. They rest in a grave like trench I dug out in the front by our new tree. Close to the sidewalk - I am hoping to have a peony hedge one day. It looks beyond ridiculous at this point because there is nothing to tie the front garden together... but I don't care. I'll have more fresh peony blooms this spring.

Are you putting your garden to rest already or are you still planting up a storm?

*ps - I bought Elodie from Breck's (on sale I think...) and my Bowl of Beauty(s) from Bluestone Perennials. I'm a bit worried about one of the peony root divisions; I didn't see any eyes on it. :( We'll see! Cross your fingers for me. 


  1. My fingers are crossed!!! A peony hedge sounds wonderful!!! I will be getting more bulbs in this week but am completely nervous about the crazy creatures in my yard! I actually may cover them with something!?!? Have a great week!!!!





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