Goodwill Garden Finds: Repurposed Home Accessory

Wouldn't this make a lovely container for some forced Narcissus? At $14.99 it was TOTALLY over what I usually allow myself to pay for items at Goodwill, but I knew I'd have the sads if I left it on the shelf. I'm still debating whether or not to drill holes in the bottom for drainage. I think I'll leave it this winter (for my forced bulbs) and then revisit the drainage thing again this spring. If we ever get our patio finished it would look smashing on the dining table; planted with an agave... or something.


  1. AH YEAH!!! It is amazing! It reminds me of an old piece my grandmother once is beautiful!!! I can see so many different combos in it!! Score lady, should link up to the Thrifty Grove because that is awesome!!!

  2. That is great! Maybe just throw some rocks in the bottom for drainage for now?





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