Weekend Snippets: Butterfly Bush

 Two tiny cuttings taken from my MIL's house this summer. One was eaten - one persisted through the droughty summer and early frost fall.

It looks like this now (left). I brought it in for nurturing this winter; I don't have a cold frame. Pretty good for my first attempt at plant propagation, wouldn't you say? Nothing special was used for the soil either... just some well rotted manure/compost and bagged potting soil. Here's to hoping it lives long enough to bloom into the beauty on the right. 

Hope you're having a good weekend. I'll be back soon with some photographs of my planted metal container.


  1. YEAH!! That rocks friend! I would say that is a great go!!! I have high hopes for that little guy!! All the best this weekend!!!

  2. How very exciting to have success on your first try! Wahoo!





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