Indoor Planting: Amaryllis & Hyacinths

I'll be extremely irritated if my new Apple Blossom turns out to be a Red Lion. You'd better not pull that trick on me again, Home Depot!! I took a chance and purchased one that was in a bag this time - not a janky box - and planted it in my very favorite black waffle planter.

The single potted Hyacinths were sitting in our fridge for a few weeks (probably not nearly long enough) and we were sick of having no room for food, so I pulled them out. I can't wait to see if they produce anything. *Last year's refrigerator tulips didn't work so well <--- mushy bulbs. I hope I have a bit more luck with the fridge thing this year.

Do you experiment with any indoor bulbs over the winter? I'd love to know - especially if you have tips and tricks. I don't really know much about other forced bulbs, but I'm pretty darn good at growing Paperwhites.


  1. My amaryllis are still sitting in the garage resting and cooling. I should probably bring them in now. Ha! I didn't even realize HD carried amaryllis bulbs. I got mine at Bachman's. Hope your apple blossom turns out to be just that.






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