Zinnia Dreams

Last winter I caught zinnia fever after I saw the photograph of Queen Red Lime in a magazine. And I say the photograph because if you Google Queen Red Lime, none of the other photos look as appealing as the one below from Burpee. This photo made me want to grow zinnias like a mad woman! TONS of zinnias. I want TONS! Maybe a hedgerow of zinnias? <--- a neighbor plants a hedge-like row of zinnias. I pictured them scattered throughout my garden; little bobs of color topped with dancing butterflies drunk on nectar.

Sadly, my zinnia seeds suffered the same fate as the rest of my winter sown seeds and went the way of rotting. Upset, I promptly mailed the rest of my coveted QRL seeds to my sister who couldn't get any. I managed to salvage one measly Envy. Whoopee.


Now that garden planning time has arrived, I'm optimistically dreaming. My final seed selections arrived last week. Six gorgeous varieties... and they'd better grow, damnit!

Clockwise from top: Double Zahara Strawberry*, Benary's Giant Salmon Rose (Johnny's Selected Seeds), Envy* (yes, I'll try again), Purple Prince*

(L) Senora*  // (R) Queen Red Lime* 

*From Burpee

Do you grow zinnias? I'd love to hear your plans and/or selections. Where do you get your seeds? <--- I may be in the market for a 7th variety - lucky seven! ;)



  1. These annuals are so pretty. They fill in with color all season long, and harvesting the seeds increases their value. thanks for featuring them.

    1. Hi Claudia,
      Saving zinnia seeds is something that is on my TO DO list this year - for sure! I planned to do it this past fall, but life things got in the way and I couldn't get out there to cut them down.

  2. Hey you!!! I was growing zinnias last winter under a shop light in my family room. The variety was from burpee and it was called white wedding.... Needless to say my house flooded and I did not harden them off appropriately. But...I will be rocking them out this year in the front!!! Love your selections... Gonna have to do some of these for sure!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Happy day to u!

    1. White wedding! I love it! I'd like to think that one is Billy Idol's favorite zinnia. :) I wish you great success this year. If I get some saved seeds (as planned) I'll send them your way. Seed exchange!

  3. Hey!!! You know I love my zinnias - and I must brag and say I grow them very well. But I'm a lil confused ... Did you say winter sow?? I wait for the spring!!! AND I wait for the 5 of 50s rule, which is 5 consecutive nights of 50 degree temperatures before planting seeds. My old lady friend had a greenhouse and she swore by this rule. At least for zone 5 ... Maybe don't winter sow them all. Around here people just toss zinnias in the spring on the ground, rake in and BOOM!

    1. Oh! You luck ducks in the warmer zones. I might try your method with a few seeds this spring, but my growing season is so darn short. I'd have to wait until June to get that many consecutive nights. Will have to pick your brain come spring time. :)





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